What can re-upholstery do for you?

Upholstery is defined as the “art or practice of fitting a covering.”

Sometimes we even change the design at the client’s request.

This chair’s arms were scrolled, but now are boxed.

With the linear arms this chair was redesigned to

 mimic the streamlined style the of late 1950’s to mid 60’s.

This client of ours in northern Virginia is very happy with

the change and that she chose us as her interior source.

These are some benefits our clients have enjoyed

This piece clearly characterized the old world. Now revitalized with a clean basic cotton, it gives this recovered settee a second chance for a new generation.  This fitting design works in almost any room, adding a bit of charm and personality. The frame, once in a dark wood, is now light color and inviting. It was found in a second hand shop and many people had past it up I’m sure. Most likely they wouldn’t have, if they knew what our client from Kensington MD had in mind.

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